Epoxy floor systems

Epoxy seamless systems  are widely applied to protection of various surfaces, such as concrete, a tree, metal, etc. They provide high wear resistance, chemical firmness and mechanical durability during long term of operation. Therefore epoxy seamless systems bulk coverings began favourable to apply on the industrial enterprises, warehouses, in garages, at restaurants, bakeries, in showrooms, in shops, offices, hospitals, laboratories.



Properties and advantages of self-leveling floor:

- Lack of technological joints. The floors are easy to use, easy to clean and easy to repair. Exploitation of food production and processing enterprises faced with the presence of cracks and joints in the existing floor, namely the joints are the main accumulation of dust, germs and removable hard dirt. No seams dramatically reduces the amount of hazardous microorganisms and contaminants.


- Safety and hygiene coatings, with the certificates. Components included in their composition does not contain toxic substances, as well as elements that can cause allergic reactions.

- Fire Safety liquid coatings, the certificates. Self-leveling  floors have a low threshold for flammability, but even if ignited, they do not release into the environment of toxic substances.



- High wear resistance. Self-leveling floor  resistant to the daily impact that man, and external factors, equipment and machinery. Therefore, for many years, do not lose their appearance and preserves technological destiny.

- High resistance to chemicals. The composition self-leveling floor   is designed so that such coverage can withstand acids, alkalis, resistant to oils and gasoline and other chemicals.

- Resistance to shock loads. With the fall of heavy objects, or exposure to vibration, work-related equipment, self-leveling  polyurethane floor is cracked and peeled from the concrete base. Mark of the concrete base floor leveling at least M200, with polymer coating on cement sand screed low brand strength, should be used to impregnate the polyurethane primer base.


- The aesthetic appearance. Colours of polymer coatings is determined by the manufacturer and may include from ten to several thousand different colors and shades. In addition, the polymer compositions are produced with varying degrees of luster: dim, semi, semi-gloss and high gloss self-leveling floor.



- Durability. The service life of self-leveling floor can reach several decades. Provided that the proper technology installation and compliance with recommendations for use.


- Have a reliable adhesion to the concrete base floor and a large elastic coating that eliminates the cracking of the surface.



The most widely used self-leveling floor based on polyurethane and epoxy resins.


Polyurethane self-leveling floor.

Polyurethane self-leveling floor have a very high degree of resistance to mechanical and chemical stress. In addition, they are characterized by excellent flexibility, can be installed even in areas that are subject to constant vibration. Polyurethane self-leveling   floors are resistant to temperature extremes. Polyurethane floors are ideal for industrial buildings, warehouses, parking lots, industrial freezers. Widely used in the device coatings on the premises of the administrative appointment, office, medical, laboratory.

Epoxy floors.

Epoxy floors compared to less elastic polyurethane. They are characterized by high resistance to chemicals. Epoxy floors best suited for catering companies, educational institutions, hospitals and pharmaceutical companies. Thickness distinguish the following types of coatings: impregnation of reinforcement, thin-layer coatings, self-leveling floors and the high-filled floors.


Scope leveling floors and industrial coatings:
- The food,  meat, dairy and tobacco industry;
- Chemical, pharmaceutical, pulp and paper industry, light industry;
- Enterprise engineering and metalworking;
- Enterprises of electronic industry;
- Nuclear industry and energy;
- Service stations and car repair;
- Multi-storey parking lots and garages;
- Printing;
- Khladokombinat and freezers;
- Warehouses;
- Storage sheds;
- Hangars for aircraft;
- Restaurants, dining rooms, cafes and other catering establishments;
- Trading and exhibition halls;
- Medical institutions and pharmacies;
- Entertainment and game centers;
- Self-leveling floors in office and administrative buildings;
- Auto shows;
- Floors in garages and technical areas;
- Pool covers.